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Thorne & Moorends, Doncaster

For Thorne & Moorends Parish Council

Thorne and Moorends are located to the east of the River Don and on the north side of the Stainforth and Keadby Canal. The centre historic core of Thorne is around Finkle Street and Church Street and lies within the Thorne Conservation Area. Moorends, is located to the north-west of Thorne and adjacent to the site of a former colliery.

Woodhall was commissioned to undertake a character appraisal & shopfront assessment for the area and to recommend design policies for inclusion within the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. Woodhall suggested a number of design policies for new residential development within the area that included recommendations on particular brick types and patterns together with eaves details. We also prepared a brief shopfront assessment which included proposals for internal roller shutters, improved fascia design and suggestions for external lighting along with design policies to improve the visual appearance of the shopfronts.

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