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Abbey Road, Knaresborough

For Camstead Ltd

Woodhall provided heritage evidence for a Hearing for an appeal against the refusal by Harrogate Borough Council for planning permission for a residential development situated within the Knaresborough Conservation Area.  The proposed development involved the erection of 5no. two-storey detached houses served by a shared access point.  Within the site, the existing trees and hedgerows would be maintained, together with an open landscape frontage to the east.

The Council considered that the proposal caused substantial harm to the setting and significance of Knaresborough Conservation Area through the loss of an open space integral to its character and that there would also be an adverse impact on Robert’s Cave a scheduled monument. Woodhall contended that the proposed development would be an entirely appropriate addition to the Knaresborough Conservation Area and would preserve its character and appearance and that the setting of St. Robert’s Cave would be also be preserved.  The Inspector agreed with Woodhall’s Assessment and the appeal was allowed.

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