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Strensall Conservation Area, York

For York City Council

Strensall was included in the Domesday Survey and has a typical medieval pattern of properties.  To the north of the village the Foss Navigation Company constructed two locks and a bridge during the 1790s as part of the work to form a navigable section of the River Foss.  The opening of the railway in 1845 led to the expansion of the village and resulted in growth around the station at its eastern end.  Today Strensall is a popular village that retains its rural character.  This popularity has resulted in a number of infill developments in recent years.

Woodhall was commissioned to prepare character appraisals for the Strensall, Strensall Railway Buildings and Towthorpe Conservation Areas.  The appraisals recommended that two of the designated areas, Strensall and Strensall Railway Buildings, be extended to include additional areas and buildings of significance.  The appraisals also put forward suggestions for future management in order to protect the character and appearance of the designated areas. 

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