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Lambeth Water Tower

For Bellway Homes

The water tower is situated in the grounds of the former Lambeth Hospital and is within the Renfrew Road Conservation Area. Planning permission for its conversion and extension to form a single house had been granted but, the water tower was then added to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest at Grade II.

Woodhall was appointed to obtain planning permission and listed building consent for the conversion and extension of the water tower. An initial analysis of the previous proposal identified a number of aspects that did not respect the special architectural and historic interest of the building. Following discussions with the Council, Woodhall retained the stone cantilevered staircase whilst the former water tank at the top was converted into a ‘Prospect Room’. To retain the solid appearance of the cast-iron water tank a proportion of the glazing was proposed to be overclad with a metal screen perforated to provide varying levels of transparency.

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